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Mar 22

Survey on Authenticity


Edited: Oct 9

Hello and thank you for choosing this survey on A New Way. There are many words to choose from when we define authenticity. You might say authenticity is "real", however we cannot say that unauthentic things are "unreal". You don't say that plastic is unreal just because it does not naturally occur in nature. In the same way, things that are an unauthentic expression are just as real as the authentic. So how can authenticity really be labeled in a way that makes sense? Well, authenticity is the experience of reality from a place of knowing your self. Authenticity means that there is an application and consideration of the truth in our decision making. When we are authentic we act as we truly are, we are not fake phony or false. When we are authentic we do not care about another's convictions of our thoughts words or actions. We only care about how our thoughts, words, and actions help or only harm others. Deep healing and emotional release often happens during times of authenticity. The emotion involved has no reason to cause us embarrassment though. We are being true to ourselves and the world around us, instead of attempting to cover up what we are feeling. This survey is a very short three questions that have to do with your unique authentic qualities.


Please participate by answering one, two, or all three of the questions on the survey and to post the answer or answers for everyone to see. You may either copy and paste the question/s before giving your answer. You may also add the number of question you are answering before you answer. Thank your presence and your honest answers! We look forward to seeing you in the comments and appreciate your participation!



1. How do you recognize when you or another person is being authentic? You may list feelings, emotions, energy levels, thought patterns and anything else you associate with authenticity.

2. Is your life enhanced by your own authenticity and if so how?

3. What kinds of practices, habits, or settings help to connect you with your own authenticity?

Mar 27

1. I recognize when another is being authentic by a few things. I find that a general rule is to trust another is being authentic and coming from the heart until I am given a reason to believe otherwise. Because I am an empath, I usually feel deep in my gut when someone isnt Coming from an authentic place. Usually when this happens there is some sort of feeling of fear or anxiety Coming from the person. Most often when this happens it is paired with the pull for power. When Someone is being in-authentic I find that there is a tendency to resort to ANYTHING make me believe their “truth” so that theY can have power over me. Paying attention to this gut feeling helps me to dicipher between what connections are loving and where false truth lies.


Mar 27

2. I definitely feel my life is enhanced by being authentic. Though sometimes it is harder in new situations or around people who hold harsh judgements, I do my best to honor my truth and the spirit that I am. It has been proven to me time and time again that being authentic attracts those who resonate with you. “Soul tribe” some call it. I believe being authenticlly you attracts what is authentic to you. If you love music and you express it everyday and honor that love, musical opportunities will float your way peacefully. If you know you love music and you just don’t take the energy to honor it, you may wonder why opportunities aren’t flowing. This can be aplied to anything really! It is a beautiful thing to be true to who you are and even more beautiful when you start to see the universe returning it back to you in ways or people you never expected.

Mar 27

3. some practices at have helped me be authentic in my life go from as simple as indulging in the things I love, like working with healing crystals, and writing music To really surrounding myself with people who uplift me! These things and More help me to express myself in so many ways and the more i express myself the more I get to know who I really am. practicing Mindfulness like meditation and yoga has also greatly helped me. slowing down the mind and bringing consciousness to each moment helps me to know that judgement or fear is an illusion and it’s OKAY to be myself. Not only is it okay it is my birthright. And going back to my answer to number 2 I know that if I am authentic, I will attract what is for my highest good, while also inspiring others to Stand in their power as well. ☀️

Mar 29Edited: Jul 23


1. How do you recognize when you or another person is being authentic? You may list feelings, emotions, energy levels, thought patterns and anything else you associate with authenticity. The ability to recognize genuine authentic people is one that takes practice. Some are always authentic and some still choose to lie and be a fake version of themselves. People will be fake phony and false in order to manipulate and control others or aspects of their own lives that they are unhappy with. When I meet a genuinely authentic person I feel authentic myself. People who are authentic can really bring others around them into their own energy of authenticity. What I mean is that when people are truly being themselves, it is more difficult to fake yourself to them. In the presence of authenticity some people are intimidated which will force them to put up even more walls of protection, but those walls only help to reveal the deeper struggles inside to the person being authentic in their presence. I recognize my own authenticity when I feel motivated, when I feel energized and when I feel positive.

2. Is your life enhanced by your own authenticity and if so how? Yes completely. I am complete and whole as a person when I am being authentic. There is nothing that can hold me back or cause me to be some one I am not. I am myself and in being my authentic self I am empowered and I can know that what I do is true to who I am.

3. What kinds of practices, habits, or settings help to connect you with your own authenticity? The practices and habits that help me connect with my authenticity are the following:

Taking a deep breath every once in awhile.

Focusing on the intentions behind my thoughts, words, and actions and ridding myself of the ones that put me in a place where I am not authentic.

Prayer and communicating with the higher power

Gratuity and thankfulness

Deep conversations and thinking patterns that bring my attention into the moment here and now.

As far as settings that help me be authentic, nature and spending time away from electronics can really do wonders to connect with my authenticity.

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