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Mar 21

Survey on Truth


Edited: Oct 9

Here is the survey on the subject of truth! To get started We do not need to give the dictionary definition of truth. We all know what truth means, it means reality, honesty, and the desire of all seekers. Sometimes we are led to the truth but are not able accept it. That is why there is so much importance in being honest with ourselves as well as others. That is why at A New Way we urge you to have honestly in your answers. To be truthful is to be trustworthy, and to be filled with truth we must be willing to seek it out humbly and with an open, yet discerning, mind and heart. The truth will always be the truth no matter what one believes. We are glad you are here seeking and love to hear your unique personal understanding of truth!


We look forward to seeing what you have to say on the subject of truth! Number the question which you are answering before every response to the questions. You may also comment your answer to each question after copying and pasting the words of the questions below. Thank you for your participation!



1. Who or what has shown you truth in your life? What sort of truth were you shown? Has that truth changed you in any way?

2. What keeps you in touch with being truthful? What needs to be avoided in order to stay strong in your honesty?

3. What can you do to actively seek more truth in your everyday life?

Mar 27

1. Truth... we’ll one truth that has helped me to realize is that someones truth can Be completely different than yours and that is okay, it doesn’t mean anyone is wrong or right. Truth is what resonates deep within your soul. I lived a Lot of my life wondering what was true what wasnt. Do I believe spirit or science or does science need to prove spirit...

Then one Day the universe opened me up to a ocean of information that filled me with an inner knowing that is within us all. i was waking up to Many beliefs I had never even heard of before. I never even knew about Some Of the things I do now, but the moment I found these ideas was the moment I knew that it was my truth, my beliefs. it was the moment I knew that anything that is true for me, I have the power to feel and know on a soul level if it is true. We all do. And when I felt this, it was the knowing that I have believed and known these truths for lifetimes upon lifetimes.

sometimes our truth changes over time, but ultimately, truth is what resonates within you and that is the truth that helps me each day.

Thank you so much for your comments! I have to admit you have a powerful way of saying things and I am thankful for your answers and insights on the topic of truth in your journey. I want to let you know that there have been some things revealed to me about all people's personal truth's. I realized that a movie has it's own truth, how reality is viewed in the movie, but that movie's reality is never or very rarely lined up with the truth that we live in. The reality outside the movie is much more real than the reality of the movie, the ones watching the movie are living and breathing, the characters in the movie are pictures on a screen. Life outside the movies is a deeper truth than what any movie can contain without it being an infinitely long movie. The reason I share this with you is because I spent a long time wondering what is true and what isn't. Some movies have more truth in what they contain such as planet earth or the non-fictional works, they still do not give you more than a glimpse of all that is true. When there are fictional movies that contains much less of what is true and instead replaces the truth with something made up. This is done with intention or the purpose of entertaining, marketing, or whatever the case may be. The metaphor applies to those who are living their life in a movie of their own creation, they could contain the real truth in the movie, but they can only grasp so much truth in one movie. Others have made up completely fictional movies where there is only truth in the setting or maybe in the psychological aspects of the movie, but the plot is completely made of fallacies or fantasies. To know the real truth one must go outside of their own movie, or individual truth. God who is outside of any movie boundary or personal fantasies can show the absolute truth to awaken the one in the movie from any lies that could be contained in their personal truth.

It sounds like that is what happened when you say "the universe opened you up". Seems as though you got opened up to a world outside of the movie that was in place. I love your soul connection and that you mention that we always know what is true at our deepest level. I am just curious why you say that it was the universe that caused your awakening. The truth that I know tells me that the universe is a creation. You seem to speak of the universe as a personal, intimate and decision making force, and while I believe that the universe is alive in ways I see as amazing and beautiful, I do not believe that the universe does much more than exist. What I mean is, there is one who Created the universe and all things in it. Love, as you know, is one of the most powerful, highest frequencies in the universe. The God who created the universe is the same one who opened up YOUR universe to show you a greater truth outside your movie of individual truth. My movie was made new when redirected in a very interesting direction towards personal connection with the Creator of everything. I believed that the universe was leading me as well as created beings inside the universe, but what I found out was that the entire time I had been directed and watched over by the one who is even more powerful and greater than the universe. The universal laws do not apply to the one who created them. Thanks for taking the survey! If you would like to discuss further we can right here on the comments for everyone to see! I appreciate your words of wisdom and look forward to talking more!

Mar 27

2. Honoring my feelings and emotions helps me to stay in my truth. By noticing what I am feeling why I am feeling it, I can get to the underlying truth in the situation. Sometimes it may be that I am shedding a truth I once held that was self limiting. For example, Something like “I can’t cook, I’m just not a good chef” can change the moment I notice why I feel that way, what steps I could take to not feel that way, and where that truth Is really rooted. In this case, its rooted in FEAR. The fear of not being a good enough chef or a fast enough learner. This brings me back to the ultimate truth that fear is an illusion and only love is real Any truth that is rooted in fear is a truth that can be shed, and room made for a new truth such as “I love to cook and I know I am a great chef no matter if I work in a restaurant or not!” By simply changing our mindset to knowing we have the power to shift our reality, we have the power to be who we want to be. to stay true to this, I try to recognize fear and bring love into whatever situation.

AMEN! Turning your mindset from one that is fear based to one in love with life is a practice that changed my life forever! I agree completely that fear is the illusion, when it comes down to the real truth we have nothing to fear. Fear is a truth for many and makes slaves of the ones who bow down to it. I also love that you said that recognizing the emotions you are feeling helps you. I have really gotten in touch with my own authenticity by applying that practice in my own life. Thank you for sharing the amazing words you have for all of us here on A New Way with Noah!

Mar 27

3. To seek more truth in my life I simply try to connect each day with the energy that is the divine! this can be done many ways and one way I love to do this is to communicate with my spiritual guides and angels through meditation. additionally, I try to remember my deeper truths in moments of trauma or crisis that Help me to have a broader understanding of my experience.

2. I mean, we all tell "little white lies " here and there but the main thing that would get me would honestly be guilt. The guilt of lying and knowing there will be consequences here and when we pass on from this life.

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  • Hello and thank you for choosing this survey on A New Way. There are many words to choose from when we define authenticity. You might say authenticity is "real", however we cannot say that unauthentic things are "unreal". You don't say that plastic is unreal just because it does not naturally occur in nature. In the same way, things that are an unauthentic expression are just as real as the authentic. So how can authenticity really be labeled in a way that makes sense? Well, authenticity is the experience of reality from a place of knowing your self. Authenticity means that there is an application and consideration of the truth in our decision making. When we are authentic we act as we truly are, we are not fake phony or false. When we are authentic we do not care about another's convictions of our thoughts words or actions. We only care about how our thoughts, words, and actions help or only harm others. Deep healing and emotional release often happens during times of authenticity. The emotion involved has no reason to cause us embarrassment though. We are being true to ourselves and the world around us, instead of attempting to cover up what we are feeling. This survey is a very short three questions that have to do with your unique authentic qualities. Please participate by answering one, two, or all three of the questions on the survey and to post the answer or answers for everyone to see. You may either copy and paste the question/s before giving your answer. You may also add the number of question you are answering before you answer. Thank your presence and your honest answers! We look forward to seeing you in the comments and appreciate your participation! Questions 1. How do you recognize when you or another person is being authentic? You may list feelings, emotions, energy levels, thought patterns and anything else you associate with authenticity. 2. Is your life enhanced by your own authenticity and if so how? 3. What kinds of practices, habits, or settings help to connect you with your own authenticity?
  • Hey everybody! You may answer as many or as little of the questions as you'd like to. Please follow the instructions below to answer the questions listed in bold . Let's get started! Before I give you the questions, it is important to know what we are talking about! Here is the definition given on dictionary.com . Coincidence; noun, a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance. In this definition it says "apparently by mere chance" as some coincidences are seemingly random strokes of luck. For example, when you are feeling the desire for a certain restaurant while on a long drive, and then find out that restaurant happens to be located in the next town ahead. Though in that case it seems random and does not hold much of a deep meaning, other coincidences you may have experiences in are much more personal and exciting. Those can be seeing a road sign or an animal that somehow you gain some insight or message through based on what you are thinking, and from that moment forth everything seems a little less random in life. Coincidence has many definitions and we look forward to reading the answers you have to the questions on this survey! Thank you very much for taking the time to participate. Questions 1. Do you experience coincidences on a daily basis? 2. How have you experienced coincidence in your life? 3. Have you ever felt like events in your life have to have been more than just a mere coincidence? If so and you feel comfortable sharing, please share some examples of what you have felt was more than coincidence in your life. 4. Think about all the relationships in your life that mean a lot to you. Was there anyone who seemed to show up at a perfect time? Do you believe that your meeting was destiny/fate, or coincidence? Do you believe that you were meant to meet this person or that it was sheer luck that brought this valuable person to you.. Please expand on why you may or may not feel this way if you feel comfortable. 5. Do you believe in coincidence? (Why do you or why do you not?) Thank you very much and please submit your answers in the form of a comment! Follow these instructions: 1. In the comment section at the bottom of this page, click the box to leave a comment. 2. Type the number of the question you are answering. 3. Type your most worthwhile answer to the corresponding question. Show respect, decency, answer honestly.