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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

We live here but it is not our home. This is what I mean; in each unique life, the home is much more than a setting outside of us.. Personally I love the earth and I work towards what is best for it. My sense of self has less to do with the earth and more-so that there is much more that connects us to a higher reality, and while the earth is great at getting us in touch with who we really are, we do not need an earth at all to get in touch. Eating and sleeping, time&space, physics. That is all earthly. on the other hand, emotions, dreaming, inner sensing, and much more has to do with something beyond the earth and it's laws which are not absolute. If you are interested in talking more in depth then I invite you to get in touch through a simple direct message on A New Way's contact page. I will love hearing or even reading what you have to say! Consider creating your own post and make interesting changes in the way you operate on social media. Thank you for reading a super short perspective. Share your own viewpoint by commenting below the thoughts coming to your mind as you read this, and think about your current setting. The Earth!!! Thank you for reading!

The ley lines of the earth are an energetic field around the earth. The earth has an electromagnetic field as well as an energetic grid with points of high energy in certain regions. To learn more contact A New Way or you can also create your own post or comment!