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Connecting with Curiosity

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

There is a driving force in our lives that is a huge importance to who we are and where we go. That force is curiosity! Curiosity connects with love, but it can also be outside of the boundaries. Here is what I mean; Curiosity is a natural and giant influence in wellness, spiritual experience and growth. Think about it really! I will go further too... a healthy dose of curiosity is absolutely vital to our health when it's within the boundaries of truth and integrity. Understanding the ideas that make up our beliefs takes a determined, curious attitude to keep us going while we are looking for answers. When self discipline is applied with intention to do good, benevolent work, we start to see more clearly the answers to all of our questions. We must discipline ourselves daily in the way we are acting, thinking, and allowing ourselves to feel. Healthy or unhealthy. There are some things so absolutely true that what anyone does cannot change it. It is healthy to be curious when we realize the "normal" way of life introduced to us by social "norms" and society are truthfully limited. Have you ever looked up at the stars?... There is a whole criteria of knowledge based on seeking answers, It is called science. Mathematics is logical and very analytical while science is more intuitive. The wrong side of curiosity is based in fear. I have had some experiences while seeking answers and I can tell you first and foremost that fearfully seeking is as easy to get caught up in as the love-based curiosity. As human beings we have free choice. Choose the side of love. That is what is important to our health, happiness, and to our souls.

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