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Quantum Physics and Dimensions

Updated: Mar 26

Let's talk about a hugely important subject for the time we live in.

Masaru Emoto's Experiments on Water

Contact us here or comment below and let us know what you think of them. Speak your mind in the comment section or navigate to the contact page if you’d like to discuss a time to possibly feature in a video, podcast, or other opportunity. Make a positive impact in others lives any way you feel comfortable sharing. Read about the water experiment here.

Our recommended search engine plants trees while you browse the web. Take time to learn all about the power of our focused thought, intention, and awareness. We are thankful and willing to hear what you can share in A New Way, this discussion has many options to discuss and communicate. Contact me so we can get the thoughts and ideas that mean the most to you out to the public viewpoint! Another option you have with us are posts, vidoes, and many podcasts see "The OIC Podcast" Episode 15: Destiny & Fate!