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The Value of Mindfulness

Hello everybody! Noah Hanson here! In this post I will be sharing something that has transformed millions of lives all around the world and has been in practice for thousands of years! I am a certified mindfulness practitioner and life coach, I already know and understand the great benefits of a daily mindfulness practice. The technique I share in this post is one that is very basic but effective and beneficial if applied correctly! The reason I share this with you here at A New Way with Noah is that not everybody has been taught the essential value that mindfulness brings. I am convinced that a simple mindfulness course being placed in our elementary, middle, and high schools across the world has the potential to decrease or even wipe out entirely many negative things including bullying, depression, anxiety, suicidal tenancies, and inauthentic and unhealthy lifestyle choices. A New Way of understanding and applying mindfulness has already created a transformation in my life, I believe it can for you too in A New Way!

To get started lets think about what being mindfulness is.... By doing this you're already being mindful! Thankfully mindfulness is not a hard thing to accomplish. All that mindfulness meditation is at it's core is being focused on where your thoughts are. By focusing our thought patterns we can accomplish many great things! A daily mindfulness practice is a good idea for anyone no matter what events are happening in their life. You do not need to know meditation before getting to know mindfulness. Mindfulness is already something that we do every day of our lives! Whenever you create something new or do something you have never done before, your subconscious mind can only react in a way that it would respond to the event that is most similar to the present that happened in your past. In other words, your consciousness has to call more shots in order to create something new successfully or to do something you have never done before. Humanity has now discovered that the way a brain learns is by a process called neuroplasticity. What neuroplasticity shows is that the synapses firing in your brain have a pattern as well as the way that neurons behave towards one another. When the neurons communicate with each other over and over in the same way, then they naturally continue that communication in the way that it has gotten used to. That means that everything that happens to your body that requires a communication in your brain between neurons can be trained through repetition to continue or to become less habitual. The reason I say the word habitual is because habits are exactly what we are talking about! The habits that you have are all there because of a simple process of neuroplasticity that occurred anytime from the moment you were born until the moment you are reading this! By this understanding, we now know that through repetition and mindfulness you can catch yourself subconsciously programming your neurons to move in one direction, and with your conscious intention focus, and practice, you can rewire your brain to respond to things differently.

Now you have read about neuroplasticity, and you have a new understanding of how you create memory and form new habits with your brain. Let's take that a step further. Mindfulness is one thing that primarily makes sense in relating with our brains and thoughts, but what about emotions? Are thoughts the only things that can cause our neurons to behave a certain way? If so, then therefore if I think positive thoughts only can I gain a more positive thought pattern and emotional experience? I believe that there are some benefits that could come from a simple and diligent practice of thinking more positively with consciousness so as to program our thought patterns to be more positive in kind, but there is much more energy that we are working with than just the power of our thoughts. The energy contained in our emotions is so powerful that it has literally started wars, brought people to giving their life for a cause, and created entire rebellions and movements. Our emotional reactions are often associated with our hearts. One mind blowing fact that you might be interested in is that the human heart actually has over 40,000 neuron-like cells called sensory neurites. These sensory neurites behave similarly to neurons in your brain that we just got done discussing when we talked about neuroplasticity. They actually create patterns that can influence your being the same way that your neurons can, holding and storing memory, and branching out to new pathways to form new habits. It seems to also have been discovered that the heart reacts to situations outside of ourselves even faster than the brain does. What does that all mean for mindfulness? I believe that it means we all can choose consciously what emotional memory as well as mental processes and habit is subconsciously downloaded. The way that we are programmed is to run at a subconscious level more than we run at a conscious level. That is why mindfulness is effective at gaining emotional intelligence as well as relieving mental and emotional trauma, along with a long list of other benefits.

To learn mindfulness all you need to do to get started is to realize that whenever you take the advice most of us are given by our parents to "Think before you act", you are already being mindful. Choose, instead of reacting out of a place of intense emotional feeling, or reacting emotionally to a thought or experience we are having as we usually do, step back and simply take a breath, calmly and slowly, in and out. This is the one breath that could change your life forever, especially if you do it more than once. While you take that breath, try to focus on what you are thinking and feeling. If there are any negative thoughts or feelings that you don't believe you want to manifest, or think that you would regret later on, then, without judgement being placed on yourself, do your best to switch the neuron and sensory neurite connections in your brain and heart. Tell your cells to go A New Way. When you do this enough, those cells will already be programmed in your subconsciousness. More and more you will find yourself practicing this very simple but life changing "step back and take a breath" method. Just like anything else that we do, reforming and training ourselves to be altogether new just takes practice. The practice of presence is mindfulness. The act of taking one conscious breath could allow you a more mindful environment. This only is the beginning of all the information there is on mindfulness. We want to see your skills and help with your practice at home! You are invited contact us at A New Way and talk to you all about the amazing benefits and mindfulness practices coming to A New Way soon!

It is easy to practice mindfulness when you are in an environment that is soothing.